Peace of Paper

  Overview Integration projects Peace of Paper Collective creativity Designing together: Through stamping and screen-printing workshops, Peace of Paper e. V. enables refugees and locals to interact in a special way.   All beginnings are supposedly difficult. When people from different cultures meet and language barriers initially stand in the way of communication, the beginning,… Continue reading Peace of Paper

Die Halle

  Overview Integration projects Die Halle Meaningful movement Parkour Creation e. V. in Hamburg provides a special kind of communication experience between different cultures.   Parkour is not only an extremely versatile sport, it is also a kind of parable: With skill and perseverance, it is always possible to overcome obstacles. In this respect, parkour… Continue reading Die Halle

Banda Internationale

  Overview Integration projects Banda Internationale New homeland music The brass band Banda Internationale uses intercultural echoes to play loudly against racism and exclusion and prove that music is a key to inclusion.   It doesn’t really need to be explained at all, because it can be heard, seen and felt right away. When Banda Internationale enters… Continue reading Banda Internationale

Grandhotel Cosmopolis

  Overview Integration projects Grandhotel Cosmopolis Space for change The Grandhotel Cosmopolis in Augsburg brings together many different people under one roof and shows that everyone involved benefits from this coexistence.    A disused retirement home as a nucleus for new, experimental ways of life? At first, this idea sounds somewhat unrealistic. However, it’s not… Continue reading Grandhotel Cosmopolis

Missed in Action

Bei Missed in Action interagieren Menschen mit und ohne Fluchterfahrung

  Overview Integration projects Missed in Action Dance Company A new soul The Missed in Action Dance Company in Duisburg enables young people with and without refugee experience to tell stories together on stage.   “Dance, dance, dance, otherwise we are lost!” Although Mia Sophia Bilitza, director of the Missed in Action Dance Company mentions this… Continue reading Missed in Action


Der Gummimüll wird in stilvolle Taschen verwandelt [Foto: © Joel Thomas]

  Overview Integration projects mimycri Metamorphoses The Berlin-based non-profit organization mimycri produces bags from stranded inflatable boats and advocates for an inclusive economy and society.   How does it feel to carry a bag on your body made from the rubber of a stranded refugee boat? The material has experienced first-hand the drama in that… Continue reading mimycri


  Overview Integration projects S27 – Kunst und Bildung Experimental exploration The Berlin urban laboratory, S27 – Kunst und Bildung, encourages young people from different backgrounds to use creative means and methods to change the world.    The word “cucula” comes from the West African language Haussa and means “to put something together, to connect.”… Continue reading S27


  Overview Integration projects Trickmisch Babylonian speech unmuddling The mobile animation lab Trickmisch invites kids and young people to learn German and other languages in a creative way.    A Berlin classroom at the end of a dangerous escape route: From the perspective of the students who have just arrived, the foreign sounds of this… Continue reading Trickmisch

Über den Tellerrand

Der Duft der weiten Welt [Foto: © Hans Sauer Stiftung]

  Overview Integration projects Über den Tellerrand Open kitchen The organization Über den Tellerrand brings people of different cultures into conversation with each other through diverse cooking events. Their motto: Make the world a better plate.   Whether it’s kale, baba ghanoush or tagliatelle – the dishes that people cook around the world may be… Continue reading Über den Tellerrand