About us

The Saatkultur project is based on the voluntary commitment of a multidisciplinary international team from the fields of journalism and design. Jutta Nachtwey developed the concept and organized the execution, thanks to the kind support of numerous contributors. Our team was shortlisted in the top ten for the Social Design Award 2023 organised by DER SPIEGEL, in cooperation with BAUHAUS.


Concept/text/editing: Jutta Nachtwey 

Texts on the plants: Gerardo Urios

Final editing: Klaus Schmidt-Lorenz

Final editing of the English version: Nicola Wilton / language boutique 

Web design: Moniteurs 


Design of the seed bags

Front pages: Hannah Buckman, de_form, Aurelia Durand, Melissa Fernandez, Ingrid Irsigler, TienMin Liao, Mario Lombardo, Francesca Sanna, Abraham Zeitoun.

Backs: Christine Krawinkel

Technical consulting for exhibition design + execution: KÖHLER [sign+design]

Plant illustrations for the website: Clara Nachtwey


Our project partners:

morethanshelters e. V., Banda Internationale, mimycri, Missed in Action Dance Company, Die Halle, Grandhotel Cosmopolis, Peace of Paper, S27 – Kunst und Bildung, Trickmisch, Über den Tellerrand