About us

The Saatkultur project is based on the voluntary commitment of a multidisciplinary international team from the fields of journalism and design. Jutta Nachtwey developed the concept and organized the execution, thanks to the kind support of numerous contributors.


Concept/text/editing: Jutta Nachtwey 

Texts on the plants: Gerardo Urios

Final editing: Klaus Schmidt-Lorenz

Final editing of the English version: Nicola Wilton / language boutique 

Web design: Moniteurs 


Design of the seed bags

Front pages: Hannah Buckman, de_form, Aurelia Durand, Melissa Fernandez, Ingrid Irsigler, TienMin Liao, Mario Lombardo, Francesca Sanna, Abraham Zeitoun.

Backs: Christine Krawinkel

Technical consulting for exhibition design + execution: KÖHLER [sign+design]

Plant illustrations for the website: Clara Nachtwey

Our project partners:

morethanshelters e. V., Banda Internationale, mimycri, Missed in Action Dance Company, Die Halle, Grandhotel Cosmopolis, Peace of Paper, S27 – Kunst und Bildung, Trickmisch, Über den Tellerrand