The plants

Saatkultur* is a non-profit project that aims to collect donations for humanitarian aid through the promotion of bags containing organic seed. The seed assortment includes nine edible plants that originated in different countries and continents and have come to enrich our cuisine.

The integration projects

The seed bags also serve as a medium against racism: The backs of the bags contain information about pioneering projects that are committed to the inclusion of refugees and represent mutual cultural enrichment.

The designers

Saatkultur* is also a design project: Nine designers from all over the world have designed the covers of the seed bags and captured the plants in a unique and individual way. This graphic series also reflects a cultural diversity.

Double seeds?

Saatkultur* offers seeds in a dual sense – on the one hand the bags contain ecological seeds for gardening and culinary purposes, whereas on the other hand they represent social seeds for social change.


Buy seed bags

Seed Culture* was presented for the first time on May 15, 2022 in the park of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museum Schloss Gottorf. For this purpose, the company Vitavia provided us with a greenhouse (type: Phönix 6700). Since then, we have continued our fundraising campaign in a variety of ways.

From 21 to 23 July 2023 and from 4 to 6 August 2023, Saatkultur* will be presented by the Ernst Barlach Haus in Hamburg as part of the exhibition “Architektur³”. On the occasion of the Hamburg Architecture Summer, the young architecture collective “Frugal Bauen” has erected a pavilion made of clay and wood on the lawn in front of the museum, which is conceived as a “space for new ideas” and will be used alternately. There we place two raised beds, which are converted into showcases – visitors can put in 3 EUR per bag and take out seeds.

On 3. 9. 2023 our showcases will also be at the Jenischpark-Fest in the area between Ernst Barlach Haus, Jenisch Haus and Bargheer Museum.

In addition, you can order the seeds from us by e-mail for 3 EUR per bag plus shipping costs:


Donations for what?

The proceeds from the donation (minus the seed culture* material costs) will go to the organization morethanshelters e. V., which both helps people in crisis areas and works towards the integration of refugees in Germany. The organization will use half of the amount for a project in the Jordanian refugee camp Za’atari, the other half for the initial care of Ukrainian refugees in Berlin.

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