The plants

For the project Saatkultur* we have selected nine edible plant varieties that originated in different countries and continents and have come to enrich our cuisine. The organically produced and certified seeds have a high germination capacity and are open pollinated – meaning the seeds can be harvested from the plants again and again (supplier: Bingenheimer Saatgut AG). Biologist Gerardo Urios Pardo has summarized the most important information about the origin, distribution and use of the plants for us.

Gerardo Urios Pardo is a biologist and environmental consultant. The company he founded, Land Studios Consulting S.L. in Valencia, Spain, assists in the regeneration of protected areas and the reconstruction of natural habitats – for example, in urban areas through green roofs. In addition, Gerardo conducts environmental impact assessments for urban development plans and infrastructure projects. He also focuses on environmental journalism, writing numerous articles for specialist magazines and publications by the authorities.  


[Plant illustrations: Clara Nachtwey]