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(Lavandula officinalis)

Lavender is characterized by its multitude of purple flower spikes, whose fragrance is reminiscent of the Mediterranean mountains. The plant originated in Southern Europe and North Africa, but has since adapted to a wide variety of climatic conditions around the world. 

Its name is derived from the gerund of the Latin word lavare (to wash), because in the Middle Ages it was used to wash the body. Today, essential oils are extracted from the plant for the production of soaps, amongst other products. The dried flowers have a decorative and aromatic function in the home. 

Lavender is also widely used in horticulture around the world – often as a symbol of the Mediterranean garden, where the species is irreplaceable due to its frugality. Lavender is now grown in many temperate areas of Europe, with its flowering fields beautifying the landscape in many Mediterranean regions. The flowers are also highly appreciated in the culinary field and are often added to the herbs of Provence, for example, where their flavors combine with rosemary and thyme. 


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