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Edible chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

The edible chrysanthemum belongs to the daisy family and originated in the Mediterranean region as well as in Western Asia. Like many other species of European flora, it was described by the famous botanist Carl von Linné in 1753 in his work Species Plantarum. This annual plant is characterized by its white-yellow and bright yellow petals.

Thanks to its decorative properties, hardiness and frugality, the chrysanthemum is often used as an ornamental plant in garden design, being used for this purpose as far back as Roman antiquity. From its areas of origin, the edible chrysanthemum has spread to many European countries, where it is now also cultivated on a large scale. 

The plant is also used for culinary purposes. The 10 to 20 cm-long shoot tips are used in salads or steamed as vegetables. The buds and flowers are also edible. Because of its special properties and beauty, it has also been cultivated in South America, where it is now widely grown in the temperate zones. Edible chrysanthemums are also highly appreciated in Asia and are considered one of the more popular vegetables in Taiwan.




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