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Cinnamon basil (Ocimum basilicum var. cinnamomum)

Basil is an annual plant that originated in Southeast Asia and Central Africa and is now cultivated in many regions of Europe, especially the Mediterranean and Egypt. For culinary purposes, it is often used as a fresh herb, but is also used for the extraction of essential oil. In addition, the plant is often used for ornamental and decorative purposes in the garden.

Basil was traditionally used in various medicinal fields, for example, as a remedy for headaches, kidney dysfunction, colds and flatulence. The plant was also considered antispasmodic and a stimulant, and its fragrance was thought to have insect repellent properties. 

There are more than 60 different varieties that have been created by cross-pollination. One of these varieties, Ocimum sanctum, is considered the most sacred plant in Hinduism. The Ocimum basilicum cinnamomum variety is distinguished by its cinnamon fragrance and purple flowers. 



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